Barry Jablonski

Barry Jablonski Poems

1. The Letter 11/10/2013
2. The Perfect Life (Revised) 11/16/2013
3. The Man I Was 11/25/2013
4. Next Time (Revised) 12/13/2013
5. Another Wasted Night 4/23/2014
6. Bad Love 4/23/2014
7. Another Day 4/23/2014
8. Mother's Day (Revised) 5/10/2014
9. Taxes 5/18/2014
10. A Soldiers Creed 5/19/2014
11. I Love Strippers (Rev) 7/13/2014
12. The Old Man's Lament 7/18/2014
13. Wealth (Revised) 7/26/2014
14. Again Last Night (Rev) 9/14/2014
15. Choices (Revised) 9/14/2014
16. Ghost Lovers 9/22/2014
17. Tribute To Our Soldiers 11/8/2014
18. Valentine's Day 2/12/2015
19. Papa Says 2/27/2015
20. Memories Of Youth 4/2/2015
21. Occupational Hazard (Revised) 4/4/2015
22. Bittersweet Memories 4/8/2015
23. I Saw Love Die 10/25/2015
24. I Want To Go Home 10/29/2015
25. Fire Base Zulu 11/7/2015
26. Veteran’s Day (Revised) 11/11/2015
27. Alone Again On Christmas Day 12/13/2015
28. Regrets 11/1/2013
29. Foolish Pride 7/13/2014
30. Black Thursday 11/28/2014
31. A Beach Day 1/25/2014
32. Man In The Mirror 11/5/2013
33. The Seductress 4/23/2014
34. A Pirates' Life 6/4/2014

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Best Poem of Barry Jablonski

The Seductress

All the men at the work site
Stop work when you walk by
Sometimes they like to whistle
Just to try and catch your eye

Real men open doors for you
You reward them with a smile
Women yearn to be like you
If only for a short while….

You certainly are beguiling…
And your fortune’s on the rise
Yes men are simply playthings
Used to practice deceitful lies

Oh, beware of this seductress
Don't give your heart away…
For it will never find the will
To love anyone else this way

Barry Jablonski
©2014 All Rights Reserved

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The Man I Was

I'll never be the man I was
Or the man I could have been
And all the things said and done
Mirror everything I held within

On the road to self-delusion
My path was always right
And no matter where it lead to
My goal was firmly in sight

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