Barry Kavanagh

Rookie - 248 Points (September 1985 / Ireland)

Biography of Barry Kavanagh

In school we learnt poetry for Junior and Leaving Certificates along with Shakespearean plays, like most children I hated poetry I thought it was boring and lame and looking back on it the way it was taught made it very much so, my love for poetry was sparked when I reached 5th year and I got a new teacher named Mr Morris, he loved poems and the works of Shakespeare, he could quote every Shakespearean play and many poems by heart.

He was an inspirational teacher and showed this bored kid that not all poems were drab, he showed me how to analyse poems and see the true genius of the poets, poems were no longer just rhyming words or cryptic nonsense, they were artistic, clever and funny, they had genuine feeling and messages about lives that reflected the joy and struggles of my own spanned across hundreds of years, they were timeless.

I wrote my first poem called The Blind Man for an English assignment but this poem has been lost, I am attempting to rewrite it, I used to write small love poems for my girlfriend and put them in a card for her on Valentine’s Day, I love Valentine’s Day, I love romance and love, many of my poems reflect romance, love and loss.

I stopped writing poetry when I left school, my health began to decline recently forcing me into care, as part of my rehabilitation class we started reading poetry, this rekindled my interest and I began to write, I wrote 23 poems while I was at the day hospital in the span of two months.

Feel free to read and share these poems with your friends, put them in cards for your sweethearts, feel happiness and sadness, joy and wonder, be inspired and try your hand at writing, write what you see, what you feel, what you think, write poems that mean something to you. Updates

Kindred Cake Spirits

We are kindred cake spirits

Let’s bake together

I egg you on

Add a little bit of sugar

Cocoa me up

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