Barry Middleton

Barry Middleton Poems

1361. Past Midnight 6/28/2017
1362. Between 7/18/2017
1363. Midnight Cubism 7/17/2017
1364. Last Blossom 7/10/2017
1365. A New Metaphor 7/27/2017
1366. Party At The Lunatic Light 8/26/2017
1367. Isolation 9/21/2017
1368. Dance Whistle And Kiss 9/22/2017
1369. Farewell To Poetry 10/20/2017
1370. Lonely Evening Star 6/27/2017
1371. Like Rain 6/20/2017
1372. Someone Else's Book 5/13/2017
1373. Falconry 5/2/2017
1374. Trust The Evening Star 5/3/2017
1375. Sages Contend 3/26/2017
1376. Silent New Year 12/31/2016
1377. Tomorrow 1/24/2017
1378. Revolution 2 1/29/2017
1379. Mountain Climbing 2/14/2017
1380. Bad Poetry 12/11/2016
1381. I Smell The Rain 12/21/2016
1382. Too Long Ago 10/16/2016
1383. Street Death 10/17/2016
1384. Autumn Comes 11/11/2016
1385. For Just One Kiss 9/4/2016
1386. Lions Birds And Fireflies 9/28/2016
1387. Beyond Our Universe 8/17/2016
1388. The Dueling Oaks 7/12/2016
1389. Strong 7/13/2016
1390. I Listen To The Rain 7/1/2016
1391. Perfect As Dusk 6/28/2016
1392. Sparkle's Toast 6/22/2016
1393. Mating Season 6/26/2016
1394. A Home We May Embrace 6/6/2016
1395. Confrontation 4/20/2016
1396. Lost Music 4/18/2016
1397. Above Despair 4/23/2016
1398. Yazoo Witch 5/28/2016
1399. Wolf 6/3/2016
1400. Clarity In Flowers 1/29/2016

Comments about Barry Middleton

  • Marianne Reninger Marianne Reninger (5/17/2016 8:01:00 AM)

    Barry, I just read your bio and didn't realize we were in Venice, Fl. at the same time! We lived there from 1974-1993. My husband, Jim, and I were raising our 2 kids, living on Fiesole St. on the island, and running our restaurant, The Wedgwood, and Everymans/(soon to be Stormin'Normans after Jim's brother Norm) . I was active in the Art League, member of Florida Artists Group, and writing some then too. In the 90's we moved to Asheville where we have lived ever since. My daughter Jill grew up to be a Child's Mental Health specialist, and now is a director at the Safe Children's Coalition run by the Y. Small world. Wish I had known you then. Where do you live now? Marianne Larsen Reninger

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  • Barry Middleton Barry Middleton (3/7/2016 8:18:00 AM)

    Thank you so much Nosheen for the kind and encouraging comment.

  • Nosheen Irfan Nosheen Irfan (3/7/2016 7:26:00 AM)

    Barry is a prolific writer n has written on many topics. Like others i too find his poems very inspiring. He has a knack for saying a lot in a few words. His poetry is calm n soothing. Keep writing n inspiring.

  • Barry Middleton Barry Middleton (1/30/2016 5:37:00 AM)

    Heaven's Authority, I don't mind at all. Glad your find them inspiring.

  • Heaven's Authority Heaven's Authority (1/29/2016 11:01:00 PM)

    I hope you don't mind, I will be watching your page for inspiration :) love your poems!

  • Alexandro Johns Alexandro Johns (1/29/2016 2:31:00 PM)

    Great poems and natural as life. Congratulations.

Best Poem of Barry Middleton

Letter To Myself

I wish that I had written you
when I was young and strong and wise
I knew that I would never die
I'd face the world without disguise

but as I pen this note to you
I have grown old and tired and weak
but I recall that hopeful youth
it is to you that I must speak

I can but say what I was told
to quietly sit and watch the crowd
and see the good and evil there
and think before I speak aloud

and though I wrote it long ago
I would not take my own advice
and that has put me on this path
with wishing that I had thought twice

I've come to ...

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Pantomime And Song

did you ever hear a pantomime
yes that may seem impossible
but music plays within my mind

saints and sinners gather there
and it may seem improbable
the devil sneers and sits upon a chair

on His throne the God of Love

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