Barry N Williams

Rookie [Barney] (Dublin)

Biography of Barry N Williams

I was born in the Rotunda hospital in Dublin on the twenty second of February nineteen sixty five and spent the first five or six years of my life in one room over Henry Skerrits shop in St Patrick’s Street before moving to Bolbrook in the wilds of Tallaght. I spent my formative years there up to the age of twenty. I married the beautiful and wonderful Caroline a week before my twenty first birthday and we spent a brief couple of weeks living with her mother in Mount Brown before moving to Jobstown in (yes you guessed it) the wilds of Tallaght. After about a year living in the wilderness we moved to St Johns in Clondalkin where we stayed for many years before moving a few years ago to Kilbeggan in the wilds of County Westmeath. Along the way we had three boys, (Shane, Barry and Aaron) two of which have now flown the coup (woo hoo) and we now also have three beautiful grandchildren, Katie (the small and crazy) , Darren (the wet and noisy) and Sophie (the quiet and tiny) Updates


Green fields filled with canvas hills,
Triangles, rectangles, domes and tunnels,
Stretched as far as the eye can see,
All the colours of the rainbow,
Children laughing, running and playing,
Smoke rising from stoves and barbeques,
Melodies rising from guitars, fiddles and penny whistles,
Voices raised in song,
All bathed in summer moonlight,

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