Baru Gobira

Rookie (7 may 1952 / India)

Baru Gobira Poems

1. Feather So Fair 5/30/2006
2. Healing Music 5/30/2006
3. Few Have Kissed The Lotus Lips 7/9/2010
4. Tribute To An Unknown Soldier 7/10/2010
5. The Book Of Tomorrows 7/11/2010
6. All(Uring) Charms Of The Looking Glass. 7/12/2010
7. A Thousand Eyes 4/16/2006
8. For There Is A Shoulder On Which I Have Cried 7/16/2010
9. A See-Saw 7/17/2010
10. The Master & An Incomplete Painting 7/17/2010
11. Unless You Want Night To Power Day.. 7/17/2010
12. I Am All That You Must One Day Be 7/19/2010
13. But That’s Not True 7/19/2010
14. I Surrender 7/19/2010
15. Between The Future That Must Come And A Present That Must Go 7/20/2010
16. When Darkness Consumed Night 7/21/2010
17. Choose Your Rice Bowl 7/23/2010
18. Screaming Peels Of Orange 7/23/2010
19. For The Flowers Of Silence To Bloom 7/23/2010
20. I Will Again Draw Another Line 7/27/2010
21. Awakened From A Dream In Which I Lived Inside 7/30/2010
22. More Naked Than The Morning Dew. 7/30/2010
23. Soft Falls The Rain On My Soul 7/31/2010
24. A Coffee Morning 8/3/2010
25. Changing Chinese Chimes 8/5/2010
26. A Farmer Of Stars 8/5/2010
27. For I Never Left Darkness 8/6/2010
28. The Passing 8/6/2010
29. In Pain I Am Alive 8/6/2010
30. I’ve Nowhere To Go 8/9/2010
31. Die Die The Seagulls Cry. 8/16/2010
32. A Walk Through God’s Stream. 8/16/2010
33. Till Love Has Found It’s Silent Tomb 7/16/2010
34. The Songmaker Sleeps 8/3/2010
35. A Flower Rested On My Window Sill 7/31/2010
36. Blinding Clarity 7/16/2010
37. A Beggar I Never Met 7/30/2010
38. A Mother Remembers 7/27/2010
39. Ask A Florist The Way To Peace 7/14/2010
40. If I Were Destined To Write Just One Line 7/9/2010
Best Poem of Baru Gobira

Keeper Of The Rain

It is not for me little girl
The wind brings the rain;
It is not for me little bird
The sun warms the grain;
It is not for me little bull
The whistle of the train;
It is not for me little ant
The nectar of the plain
It is not for me little one
The moons of Saturn wane.

It is but a gift for you
From the keeper of the rain.

Copyright Baru Gobira 2006

(April 2006 Delaware)

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A Thousand Eyes

A thousand eyes from the mist appear
From cold blue wreaths inside a mountain stream
To descend on the plains of sacrifice below
Merging moving tree tops, with ash blown fields
That has no hoe or plow or chimney top/stove;
Just a green torn carpet, swaying tiredly
In silent symphony, with the evening breeze.

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