Baru Gobira Poems

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Keeper Of The Rain

It is not for me little girl
The wind brings the rain;
It is not for me little bird
The sun warms the grain;


You should never have covered it with a shroud
Hoping to find a cage of darkness
With an invisible lantern
Singing the song of light.

Every Face Hides A Secret

Every face hides a secret
The eyelashes bat once in acknowledgement
Shared and yet hidden
Longing to be released

A Mother Remembers

SomeWhere inside me, lost
In misty folds of time,
Soft falls the sound
Of a child’s anklet, tinkling, gently

A Beggar I Never Met

A face with a nose rubbing the car window
A gesture accompanied by a futile plea
Pressed against glass and beseeched by one
Who may be accused of withdrawal symptoms

If I Were Destined To Write Just One Line

I was struck
With a reality bolt
If I were destined to write just one line
What would I choose?

Blinding Clarity

When you’ve lost that which was there
Much that you said had not been fair
The Sheppard had left his staff for repair
The bells had gone silent

Ask A Florist The Way To Peace

Ask a street florist the way to peace
He will sit you down
Sip Coffee
And expound

A Flower Rested On My Window Sill

Confined for reasons
Other than credit card dues
Forced to flip-flop o’er floor & spice
Confined to messages and ringing notes

The Songmaker Sleeps

As a small boy he would sing
For he could run and play
Only if his sister slept;
He would sing