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Bashyam Narayanan Poems

361. This Day Last Year 6/21/2013
362. Try A Cry 12/5/2012
363. I Want To Be Jailed 8/19/2013
364. Friday Morning Five O' Clock 12/16/2008
365. I Have No More Tears To Shed 12/2/2008
366. A Birthday Wish 1/29/2009
367. Arrival Of A Child 1/29/2009
368. How Much Sinful Are Thee? 6/18/2008
369. A Journey, Which I Desired, Never Ends 7/13/2008
370. Christ - The Painstaker 12/25/2007
371. I Am Not Able To Say Anything Further, As I Am Gone Once And For All 4/25/2008
372. It Was A Less Mourned Death 5/11/2008
373. I Stand Alone Away From You Desanctified And Disfigured 5/13/2008
374. Wait, Things Are Shaping Up 10/25/2009
375. A Butterfly Finds Its Way Back 5/7/2010
376. What Could Be Your Achievement 8/22/2009
377. An Attempt To Understand Spirituality 10/18/2009
378. Indian Wife 8/18/2016
379. Think Good, Act Good And Help The World Live Good 1/9/2008
380. Love And Care From A Terminally Ill 4/3/2012
381. Dream And Dream Not 10/19/2013
382. Make Each Day Valentine's Day And Create A Heaven Of Earth 2/7/2009
383. Serve Others 8/3/2012
384. Let Me Realize I Really Love You 6/16/2008
385. How Green This Lawn Was 12/14/2007
386. Being Is Enlightenment, Becoming Is Ignorance 9/8/2009
387. Become Divine 11/23/2007
388. Take Me As I Am Or Watch Me As I Walk Away 4/12/2015
389. Rain Water And It's Harrvesting 7/15/2011
390. I Need You By My Side 7/7/2011
391. The Clock Is Clicking 11/22/2007
392. Grace The World With Your Glow Of Happiness 4/28/2010
393. To A Friend Terminally Ill 2/8/2008
394. Fear Not Fear, Fear Fearlessness 11/25/2012
395. Develop In You A Weakness For Music 7/20/2008
396. A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose 4/28/2010
397. You Have The Right To Feel, You Are Successful 4/30/2009
398. Do Not Just Long For A Change, Know How To Accept It 6/13/2008

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  • Rekha Mandagere (2/11/2011 5:07:00 AM)

    Nice poems, beautifully written!

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  • Ramya Bodi (4/13/2010 2:41:00 AM)

    meru rasina poems chala bhagunnayi.

  • Ramya Bodi (4/13/2010 2:40:00 AM)

    u r poems r really thought provoking.i like them

Best Poem of Bashyam Narayanan

Do Not Just Long For A Change, Know How To Accept It

Nothing is permanent
Except the change
Change is a necessary phenomenon
In an active system
Changelessness is deadly

Change is continuous
Steady and driven by a cause
Nature and extent of change
Depend on
Nature and extent of cause

We all look for
And indeed long for a change
And we have specifications
Many a time
The occurring change is
Not the change we were
Looking or longing for
We turn excited or sad
Because of the change

Many a time we are
Unprepared for the change
Though we were longing for it
Often we find ...

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How Green This Lawn Was

How green this lawn was
Two years back, when did I trespass
Thick green on each blade of grass
Shining in sunlight and dancing at each wind cross

Alas, there are patches in yellow
So many that the land piece looks fallow
Paining and placing me in sorrow
How I wished the entire scene changes tomorrow

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