Bashyam Narayanan

Bashyam Narayanan Poems

161. Unwanted Afreen 4/11/2012
162. Nothing Ends, Every Thing Is A Beginning By Itself 4/15/2012
163. The Quantum Of Solace 4/15/2012
164. Be That What You Want To Be 4/19/2012
165. Console This Eighty Five Year Old Widower 4/23/2012
166. Who Else Other Than Me Know What I Am Thinking 4/30/2012
167. An Event To Recall On Mother's Day - That Mother Is No One Other Than Me 5/3/2012
168. Life A Mystery, Not A Problem 5/30/2012
169. What That Little Boy Was Praying For 6/30/2012
170. Pulling Life On The Mercy Of Others 7/4/2012
171. We Survive Not On Any Other Resources, But On The Expressed Taste For Music 7/5/2012
172. Move With Time, Awaiting A Pleasant Surprise In Each Of Your Position In Space 7/11/2012
173. Age Considers, Youth Ventures 7/21/2012
174. Help Us Continue Our Legacy 7/25/2012
175. Curious Delivery Indeed 8/6/2012
176. On The Day Of Ramzan 8/19/2012
177. A New World Is In The Coming 10/8/2012
178. Ido Not Say I Love You 10/8/2012
179. Let Us All Prayfor Peace And Malala's Relief 10/11/2012
180. Life, A Dream Only 10/29/2012
181. The Poor Decorative Platoons 10/30/2012
182. I Do Not Mind Beling A Blind 10/29/2012
183. Kill The Virus, Not Us 11/2/2012
184. Discover Your Divine Root 11/3/2012
185. Yourself You Shape 11/5/2012
186. If You Are In An Enthusiastic Sway 11/5/2012
187. Let In You Be There A Great Self 11/10/2012
188. The First Teenth Year Of The Millennium 12/23/2012
189. Green Little Larva, My Friend 1/9/2013
190. Dormant Rapist - Revelations Of An Eighty Year Old 1/11/2013
191. An Unusual Race, But A Grand Finish 1/14/2013
192. Dear Colleagues 1/22/2013
193. Back In The Original Fold 1/24/2013
194. Sarojini Nagar Market, Keep Your Shape In Tact 1/24/2013
195. Let Us Think Anew On This Republic Day - 2013 1/28/2013
196. Justice, Unjustifiable 1/30/2013
197. An Un-Fetching Box-Office Is The Real Ban 2/1/2013
198. Your Dreams, Let Not Them Remain, Only As Dreams 2/4/2013
199. Allow Us To Have Our Privacy 2/6/2013
200. Corrosive Communications 2/9/2013
Best Poem of Bashyam Narayanan

Do Not Just Long For A Change, Know How To Accept It

Nothing is permanent
Except the change
Change is a necessary phenomenon
In an active system
Changelessness is deadly

Change is continuous
Steady and driven by a cause
Nature and extent of change
Depend on
Nature and extent of cause

We all look for
And indeed long for a change
And we have specifications
Many a time
The occurring change is
Not the change we were
Looking or longing for
We turn excited or sad
Because of the change

Many a time we are
Unprepared for the change
Though we were longing for it
Often we find ...

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The Clock Is Clicking

The clock is clicking
It is clicking to show just then
A time span of one second
Has become the past
The clock is clicking

Each click means a step
Towards your progress and growth
Optimistic wisdom says

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