Bashyam Narayanan

Bashyam Narayanan Poems

161. Nothing Ends, Every Thing Is A Beginning By Itself 4/15/2012
162. The Quantum Of Solace 4/15/2012
163. Be That What You Want To Be 4/19/2012
164. Console This Eighty Five Year Old Widower 4/23/2012
165. Who Else Other Than Me Know What I Am Thinking 4/30/2012
166. An Event To Recall On Mother's Day - That Mother Is No One Other Than Me 5/3/2012
167. Life A Mystery, Not A Problem 5/30/2012
168. What That Little Boy Was Praying For 6/30/2012
169. Pulling Life On The Mercy Of Others 7/4/2012
170. We Survive Not On Any Other Resources, But On The Expressed Taste For Music 7/5/2012
171. Move With Time, Awaiting A Pleasant Surprise In Each Of Your Position In Space 7/11/2012
172. Age Considers, Youth Ventures 7/21/2012
173. Help Us Continue Our Legacy 7/25/2012
174. Curious Delivery Indeed 8/6/2012
175. On The Day Of Ramzan 8/19/2012
176. A New World Is In The Coming 10/8/2012
177. Ido Not Say I Love You 10/8/2012
178. Let Us All Prayfor Peace And Malala's Relief 10/11/2012
179. Life, A Dream Only 10/29/2012
180. The Poor Decorative Platoons 10/30/2012
181. I Do Not Mind Beling A Blind 10/29/2012
182. Kill The Virus, Not Us 11/2/2012
183. Discover Your Divine Root 11/3/2012
184. Yourself You Shape 11/5/2012
185. If You Are In An Enthusiastic Sway 11/5/2012
186. Let In You Be There A Great Self 11/10/2012
187. The First Teenth Year Of The Millennium 12/23/2012
188. Green Little Larva, My Friend 1/9/2013
189. Dormant Rapist - Revelations Of An Eighty Year Old 1/11/2013
190. An Unusual Race, But A Grand Finish 1/14/2013
191. Dear Colleagues 1/22/2013
192. Back In The Original Fold 1/24/2013
193. Sarojini Nagar Market, Keep Your Shape In Tact 1/24/2013
194. Let Us Think Anew On This Republic Day - 2013 1/28/2013
195. Justice, Unjustifiable 1/30/2013
196. An Un-Fetching Box-Office Is The Real Ban 2/1/2013
197. Your Dreams, Let Not Them Remain, Only As Dreams 2/4/2013
198. Allow Us To Have Our Privacy 2/6/2013
199. Corrosive Communications 2/9/2013
200. Black Day For Some 2/9/2013

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  • Rekha Mandagere (2/11/2011 5:07:00 AM)

    Nice poems, beautifully written!

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  • Ramya Bodi (4/13/2010 2:41:00 AM)

    meru rasina poems chala bhagunnayi.

  • Ramya Bodi (4/13/2010 2:40:00 AM)

    u r poems r really thought provoking.i like them

Best Poem of Bashyam Narayanan

Do Not Just Long For A Change, Know How To Accept It

Nothing is permanent
Except the change
Change is a necessary phenomenon
In an active system
Changelessness is deadly

Change is continuous
Steady and driven by a cause
Nature and extent of change
Depend on
Nature and extent of cause

We all look for
And indeed long for a change
And we have specifications
Many a time
The occurring change is
Not the change we were
Looking or longing for
We turn excited or sad
Because of the change

Many a time we are
Unprepared for the change
Though we were longing for it
Often we find ...

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My Dear Alcohol

My dear alcohol
How nice are you to us
Your ingestion takes us to heaven
We float with confidence
We feel we have solutions for
All problems
Your circulation within
Makes us understand
The purpose of our living

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