Bashyam Narayanan

Bashyam Narayanan Poems

241. Long Long Ago 3/20/2014
242. Me, The Rat 5/3/2014
243. What To Offer To Whom 5/4/2014
244. Do Not Think, I Am Not Capable Of Thinking 9/11/2013
245. And For All Those Known And Unknown To Us 9/12/2013
246. On This Birthdy Of Mine 6/2/2014
247. Me And The Ghost 6/3/2014
248. To The New Prime Minister 6/4/2014
249. Angry Old Man 6/4/2014
250. Definitely Not Made For Each Other 6/5/2014
251. Fifty Years Ago 6/6/2014
252. Yet Another Story 6/9/2014
253. First Day In The School 6/12/2014
254. The Earliest Event In My Life 6/14/2014
255. Good Cockroach Night 6/17/2014
256. The Missed Matinee Show 6/18/2014
257. Remembrance Days 6/19/2014
258. Experiment With Nature 6/19/2014
259. Fir On Ness Wadia 6/20/2014
260. Great Oil Spillage 6/26/2014
261. Tough Questions 6/29/2014
262. You Made Us All Proud Again 6/30/2014
263. What A Rape-Presentative 7/1/2014
264. Ashed Into A Tray And Stashed On To The Bay 6/24/2014
265. Flawed Flour Grinding 7/4/2014
266. It Was A Sleepless Night Never Forgotten 9/19/2014
267. Make A Living But Fail Not To Live 11/27/2014
268. What Bhagavad Gita Is Not 12/20/2014
269. On This Last Day Of Year Fourteen 12/30/2014
270. Second Slaughter 3/6/2015
271. A Recall All Over Again 3/17/2015
272. A New, Fresh, Better Lit, Brighter World 3/18/2015
273. Further Disabling The Already Disabled 3/22/2015
274. Paper Boat Memories 3/23/2015
275. My Choice, Of Course 4/4/2015
276. Read This Once A Week And Rejuvenate 4/10/2015
277. I Am Calling From Beneath The Debris 7/16/2014
278. And Silence Was My Response 7/16/2014
279. Cut Me Not 7/17/2014
280. Waiting For That Drop From Heaven 7/19/2014

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  • Rekha Mandagere (2/11/2011 5:07:00 AM)

    Nice poems, beautifully written!

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  • Ramya Bodi (4/13/2010 2:41:00 AM)

    meru rasina poems chala bhagunnayi.

  • Ramya Bodi (4/13/2010 2:40:00 AM)

    u r poems r really thought provoking.i like them

Best Poem of Bashyam Narayanan

Do Not Just Long For A Change, Know How To Accept It

Nothing is permanent
Except the change
Change is a necessary phenomenon
In an active system
Changelessness is deadly

Change is continuous
Steady and driven by a cause
Nature and extent of change
Depend on
Nature and extent of cause

We all look for
And indeed long for a change
And we have specifications
Many a time
The occurring change is
Not the change we were
Looking or longing for
We turn excited or sad
Because of the change

Many a time we are
Unprepared for the change
Though we were longing for it
Often we find ...

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I Am A Lamp Oil Lit

I am a lamp oil lit
Small, cute and made off mud
And my flame in open
Spreading a bit of warmth
Along with a tiny bright light

My only enemy is darkness
But for no reason wind
Gives me trouble

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