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Bashyam Narayanan Poems

281. We Will Do All That, Do Not Worry 7/25/2014
282. Biscuit Trap 4/25/2015
283. Love Me Not This Much 4/27/2015
284. Are We Turning Earth-Unfriendly 4/28/2015
285. On Mother's Day 5/7/2016
286. Daily Diwali 11/1/2016
287. He Or She 11/8/2016
288. Trump Triumphs 11/9/2016
289. Modi Moneytoring 11/9/2016
290. New Martyrdom 11/12/2016
291. Celebrating Shame 11/16/2016
292. That Boy 8/12/2014
293. The Biggest Theft 8/13/2014
294. Read And Just Not Recite 7/24/2014
295. Frightening Fifty Seven 7/6/2014
296. Between Mothers' Day And Fathers' Day 6/17/2014
297. Mid-Day Misadventure 6/4/2014
298. Waste Must Be A Waste 8/23/2013
299. My New Found Dad 8/6/2012
300. That Child, My Mentor 8/18/2012
301. Let Us All Unite And Ensure That No Longer Such Mishaps Repeat 11/16/2012
302. A Terror Even To A Terrorist 11/4/2012
303. I Live For Only Fourteen Days 7/13/2012
304. International Women's Day - 100th Anniversary 3/8/2011
305. People-In-Love Stay Hurt Ever 4/1/2012
306. On Your Wedding Day 9/9/2010
307. Life Just 10% Of What Happens And 90% Of How You React 4/29/2010
308. A Mourned Celebration 6/21/2010
309. Winspiration 6/1/2010
310. The Power Of Advertisement 4/25/2009
311. From A Beloved Mother 4/21/2010
312. Artist Or Hurt(Ist) 3/12/2010
313. Take The Human Race To New Heights Of Sophistication 3/18/2010
314. Keep The Chain Of Human Race Unbroken 2/24/2010
315. Your Child Your Pride, Your Grandchild Your Guide 11/24/2009
316. Steer Through This Ocean Of Emotion, Which Is Your Own Creation 9/16/2009
317. Enjoy This Inevitable Run Of Life 8/5/2009
318. Suffocating Me Means Suffocating Yourself 1/30/2009
319. What Is And What Is Not Love 12/17/2008
320. I Will Love Myself First 9/2/2008
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Do Not Just Long For A Change, Know How To Accept It

Nothing is permanent
Except the change
Change is a necessary phenomenon
In an active system
Changelessness is deadly

Change is continuous
Steady and driven by a cause
Nature and extent of change
Depend on
Nature and extent of cause

We all look for
And indeed long for a change
And we have specifications
Many a time
The occurring change is
Not the change we were
Looking or longing for
We turn excited or sad
Because of the change

Many a time we are
Unprepared for the change
Though we were longing for it
Often we find ...

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My Dear Alcohol

My dear alcohol
How nice are you to us
Your ingestion takes us to heaven
We float with confidence
We feel we have solutions for
All problems
Your circulation within
Makes us understand
The purpose of our living

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