Bayley McLay

Rookie (May 26th 1992 / Saskatoon)

Biography of Bayley McLay

YES! , I feel like a fag.. I write because it expresses me.. Im in a band Bleeding Hearts Never Fail..Im the singer, and guitarist, but wE need a Screamer....My bestfriend renee is the keys, and Riley is the bassist..Drummer? ? anyone?

Bayley McLay's Works:

None..ive working on one, about my life.. Updates

This Is Death

Around, all around, the shadows gather.
My dread grows as the stroke of death falls against my heart.
It crushes me, and darkly my
blood drips
to the fallen despairing leaves.
In pain I cry out
while death approaches.
Now alone, my cascade of tears falls upon darkened eyes.
This is death

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