Bayley McLay

Rookie (May 26th 1992 / Saskatoon)

Biography of Bayley McLay

YES! , I feel like a fag.. I write because it expresses me.. Im in a band Bleeding Hearts Never Fail..Im the singer, and guitarist, but wE need a Screamer....My bestfriend renee is the keys, and Riley is the bassist..Drummer? ? anyone?

Bayley McLay's Works:

None..ive working on one, about my life.. Updates

Love Turned Black

You said you loved me.
What a lie, I knew it the day,
I saw it in your eyes.
I was jealous when you’re with another girl,
my face turned pale, and all I did is ail.
You knew you meant the world to me
I thought you’d be the one To tell me I’m beautiful..
I must have mistaken you for another guy.
You stole my heart away completely.

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