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Rookie (1-20-94 / Topeka, Kansas)

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My life as a poet began when I was 15 years old. I had a lot of pain that year and the only way to get it out was through my words. I did not start off brilliant but I do feel all of my pieces have strong emotion. I am now 18 and I love experimenting with different forms, and finding new ways to inspire a poem such as looking at a painting, listening to music and making my poem match the melody. I also write short stories, and hope to finish my novel one day. You can see more of my work on http: //Writing.Com/authors/bambigirl Updates

In This Break

In This Break

Enter this break
Proceed with slow steps
I hope you realize the turmoil within these depths
My eyes are bleeding, seeing the blood that has poisoned me
Flowing in my veins, keeping me alive
Hear the screams in this break
Hear me cry out the names of my voices

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