Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Silver Star - 4,304 Points (January / Formerly East Pahistan)

Bazi alis Subrata Ray Poems

1. 150th Birth Anniversary Of Swami Vivekananda, -The Divine Unconscious. 1/12/2013
2. 2025 6/4/2016
3. A Propose 3/8/2011
4. A Crack! -Dedicated To White Wave 11/10/2015
5. A Critical Survey On Poe's Supernatural! 7/12/2014
6. A Darling's Confession. 8/17/2015
7. A Devotee’s Prayer. 7/16/2013
8. A Devotee's Conviction 11/12/2015
9. A Dialogue Between –a Devotee And The Guru. 8/22/2015
10. A Draught Of Nectar From Lotus Feet. 3/3/2011
11. A Dummy’s Cry With Painted Heart! 4/23/2011
12. A Farewell 7/13/2011
13. A Father's Appeal To His Daughters. 4/23/2014
14. A Feeling 3/8/2011
15. A Fourtunate Father With His New Daughter, -Dedicated To Joyce Loba Flores. By Ray Subrata 9/19/2011
16. A Fragment Of Her Poems. 10/24/2015
17. A Friend’s Gift. 4/10/2011
18. A Glimpse Of Love, -Dedicated To Chitra Shaukhya 3/30/2014
19. A Gratitude Of Love To, -A Great Soul. 3/5/2011
20. A Great Poetess' Birth Day, -To Theresa Andres Hermita?, 7/14/2013
21. A Jump Into Love 7/19/2011
22. A Kiss 3/3/2011
23. A Lover’s Vain Effort Estimate To His Darling. By Ray Subrata 6/11/2011
24. A Nun Towards Her Vagabond -Dedicated To Surja Sen Gupta 1/14/2016
25. A Passage To Her Poetry. 1/26/2014
26. A Peg From Your Mystic Story, -Dedicated To Andi 3/28/2016
27. A Peg Of Song On Grassy Mat. 5/1/2013
28. A Poet Is Inconsistent For His Darling(Poetry) 3/4/2011
29. A Psalm Of Kiss 9/30/2011
30. A Reflection On Character. 9/28/2014
31. A Secret Letter. 9/18/2016
32. A Single Rose Without Mirage. 5/16/2015
33. A Thank 3/3/2011
34. A Thrill, A Thrill, A Thrill, -She Is 3/8/2011
35. A Token Of Friendship 9/30/2011
36. A Token Of Gratitude, - To Sareena Lal 4/6/2012
37. A Token Of Love To Anwar Farooq. 6/29/2014
38. A Tribute To Makbul Fida Hussein At His Demise. By Ray Subrata 6/11/2011
39. A Vagabond's Prayer To His Lord. 4/4/2015
40. A Visa In Foreign Land 3/2/2017
Best Poem of Bazi alis Subrata Ray

True Education’s Prize.

Do you think? ‘I don’t deserve!
I have stung ministers and big brothers,
In my art evoking body’s harp,
Yes, yes, I do deserve!
Since the days of university,
My geography creates history,
Under my cover I hold romantic stories,

Why heart? But witty beguile,
Ah! Yes I have stamps and seals,
I stand gate-way for so many deals,
I can speak fluent,
From moment to moment I can bend,
Fairy honey-pigs I can arrange,
I myself a poetry with grapes and orange.

Be not jealous and envious of my fame,
I am a step for their democratic ...

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The Mission Of Life

Life is a vain glory save love,
The laws of Karma, are hard and tough.
Attachment clouds soul,
And brings more suffering from sense pleasure,
Self benefits scale station, and fake is the pleasure.

Service alone with share to all,
Can stop one from his tragic fall,
For you are all living soul,

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