Beau Bennett

Rookie (10-25-80 / Seattle)

Biography of Beau Bennett

There is not much in my life i haven't gone through first hand as far as dissapointment or pain are concerned. I'm dyslexic so thats why my spelling leaves much to be desired. I've always hoped that others can find either hope, understanding, or just a good read from what i write. I was an incredably troubled teenager and i'd like to think that i grew out of it and got better but who am i kidding lol

Beau Bennett's Works:

Learning to fly (only one poem published in that book)
Beyond The Darkness (a band i wrote songs for)
i dont remeber the names of the others they've all been contests i won for magazinse and books Updates

All That Was Me

There once was a plain that I thought I had crossed
There once was a pain that I thought I had lost
There once was a man that I thought I could be
There once was a love that I thought wanted me
There once was a family that I thought could be mine
There once was a reason, a purpose, a sign
There once was a meaning that I thought I could see
There once was a boy now all there is, is me

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