beautiful imperfection

Best Poem of beautiful imperfection

Let Me Be Me, Give Me That Chance

I tell myself not to hide,
but then you come along
and my true self is deprived
I think to myself, 'I'll do better next time'

but you come along again
and take over my mind.
How do you do this?
take over my life?

making me miss
all my goals
I'm not myself
I'm beaten with poles.

Why do you have so much control?
I worry about pleasing you
and become the bad girl.
I'm never myself whenever you're around

and all it's doing
is pushing me to the ground.
I feel so insecure
whenever I'm with you

and I'm sure
I don't...

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My Mask

Why is it so hard
for me to break free
of all these chains and burdens
surrounding me?
Everyone says 'just be yourself'
but it's not all that easy.
I want to blend in,
I try so hard to please.
I have a million masks

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