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Im in love with a wonderful boy and he means the world to me, he helps me forget about my troubles, he helps me laugh when Im down and sad, he's always there for me and I love him to death and I wouldn't trade him in for no other. My name is Jennifer. Im not your average typical girl in the suborns. I live a horrible life, currently in a situation that I wish could dissolve into tiny little pieces. My problems are undesireable and no one would ever want to be in my shoes. Life is tough but most people have it harder than others. Updates

Times Are Rough

Times are rough for a teenage girl
She basically lives to add up her goals
She counts her blessing each and everday
And she forgets about the pain that drives her insane
She's a true person and never lies
She wants a to live a normal life but her life wont let her
Days and days go by and nothing ever changes
Her days are filled with pain and sadness
But she's still manages to wait so she can be a

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