Beautiful Lover

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  • Sarah Strickert (1/8/2007 6:34:00 PM)

    Hey, Thanks.
    I enjoyed your poems also.
    How are you?
    Well...I hope to hear from you again...

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No One Left Behind

Everyone gathering all at once. Let's hurry up because Im hungry for lunch. Everyone get in the car so we can be on our way to the store we call Lays.
'Is everyone in the car? ' Yes, yes, yes. Ok now we'll be on our way. Are you guys sure everyone's here? Yes mom everyone's here. Ok I just wanna make sure again. 'Wait a minute guys we are missing someone, Annie's not here! ! She was sleep when we left.'
'Just don't worry about it mom, we're almost there.' 'No! I can't go anywhere without my

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