Bebai Rosa

Rookie (Cleveland, Ohio USA)

Biography of Bebai Rosa

I am an advocate of the dis-infranchised, the poor,
the abused, battered women and children.
I love people. I am passionate about the subject of
interest to me. I write poetry because I feel a need to communicate my ideas and there are some things that just need to be said. I'm not really interested
in the formalities of poetry. I just enjoy expressing
my views with others. I am also a born again christian Updates

The Desire Cometh

Today my heart is made glad
I've realized my desire, I'm no longer sad
It's done in the spirit, this I declare
My mega-millions jackpot won fair and square

My financial poverty has been dissolved
My life anew, a fresh blossom evolves
To secure a future so sunny and bright
You must make YAH your hearts delight

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