Bekah Tav.

Bekah Tav. Poems

1. Sun Wind Moon Rain 11/22/2008
2. Save Me Today 11/22/2008
3. Take Me 11/22/2008
4. When You Feel All Alone 11/22/2008
5. My Heart Pounds 11/22/2008
6. Silently Suffering 11/22/2008
7. The Words I Love You 11/23/2008
8. Whatever To Life 11/23/2008
9. What Is Saying Goodbye 11/23/2008
10. What If Things Change Too Much 11/23/2008
11. Who Do We Look To 11/23/2008
12. Trying To Catch One More Breath 11/23/2008
13. Truly Just Me 11/23/2008
14. Too Many 11/23/2008
15. Today You 11/23/2008
16. Good Bye To You 11/23/2008
17. All I Need 11/23/2008
18. Slipping Away Again 11/24/2008
19. Never Again 11/24/2008
20. Judging Words 11/24/2008
21. There Is No Need To Fear 11/24/2008
22. To Be Reminded Again 11/24/2008
23. If We All Want To Survive 11/24/2008
24. I Had A Hope 11/26/2008
25. Stone Wall 11/26/2008
26. Dad For Me 12/14/2008
27. Blade 11/23/2008
28. You Are The Ones. 11/24/2008
29. As Much As It Hurts Me To Say. 11/24/2008
30. I'Ll Keep You Safe 11/23/2008
31. Yesterday Is Done 11/22/2008
32. I Need To Believe 11/24/2008
33. I Saw You Today 11/22/2008
34. A Great Mom You'Ll Be 11/23/2008
35. Something That Comes On Slowly 11/22/2008

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Best Poem of Bekah Tav.

Something That Comes On Slowly

Something that comes on slowly,
A smile across the room.
A face that blooms before me.
And lights up the entire room.
Talks that last forever,
Messages that awake me at night.
Laughter is heard and I can
See my heart beat tonight.
You come and
Sweep me off my feet!
Fly off of the floor,
You come and make
My heart skip a beat!
And I’m gasping for breath once more.
And excitement that over fills me!
Nothing that can be ignored.
The way you make my heart feel,
Makes me trust you that much more!
Its in your eyes!
I can see it, you ...

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I Saw You Today

I saw you today,
But my eyes refused to look
Your way.
Thought that I would crumble,
Just at the sight.
didn’t think that I could handle,
The memories that sprang to life.
Its like a movie in my head,
So many thoughts that I

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