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Bella Magik Poems

1. The Price Of Petrol 11/26/2009
2. After I'Ve Gone 11/26/2009
3. Easier To Burn 11/26/2009
4. Ode To My Mother 11/26/2009
5. Re Incarnated 11/26/2009
6. To Stain The Soil 11/26/2009
7. Before Their Time 11/26/2009
8. The Sculpture 11/26/2009
9. To Spoil 11/26/2009
10. Addicted 11/26/2009
11. Easter With Her Dad 11/26/2009
12. Not So Much 11/26/2009
13. Well, So How Many? 11/26/2009
14. I Woke Up Crying 11/26/2009
15. Aging Grace 11/26/2009
16. What You Do Best 11/26/2009
17. Jack 11/26/2009
18. Ain'T Love Great 11/26/2009
19. Cover Up 11/26/2009
20. Praise The Roads That Don'T Lead To Love 11/26/2009
21. Rainy Days 12/7/2009
22. One Day I Will 1/29/2010
23. Christopher 1/29/2010
24. Seashells 11/26/2009

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Best Poem of Bella Magik


Her golden hair meets the sun, she's searching to be free
her memories, like the turning tide, have been washed away to sea

she rides the distant horses to what she's searching for
and she leaves her past behind like broken seashells on the shore

sunset always fills her should, her thoughts pure, like gold
grateful that, when down and out it was not her dreams she sold

You can see this golden beauty on the horses in the sky
as you dream, look past the morning sun and wave as she rides by

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Re Incarnated

We have been together through famine, feast and fire
dwelled in darkened alleys and built the towers higher
we have known each other, sharing fortune, sharing fame
we have treated wounds inflicted and eased each others pain

we have saved and we have savoured, we have travelled this worlds end
and we always seem to find our way back to each other again
A thousand lives, a thousand years, our souls remain entwined
we've been lovers, we've been friends, we've been mother and been child

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