Bellaina Bella Hernandez

Rookie (4-17-1994 / California)

Biography of Bellaina Bella Hernandez

Teen age girl... been writing poems for 6 years now. Trying new techinques, not all my poems are the same way.
Poems that i make are of Love, Death, Depressions, and some hints to hate, questioning religion and love, cutting, blood.

I Loved and lost. And for that I will never be the same. My atmosphere is filled with love from my friends. But I with constant rejection. Which I know is fair to them. But in fear for being unworthy again is what keeps me away from who I use to be.

I am sorry I haven't posted any new poems. just been busy lately. but I do a few new poems hope you guys like :)
Also if you have facebook. please do like my page Spoken in Silence.
I been posting my poems in my page :) if you like my poetry, then do like the page. I also have other people that post their poetry as well.

Bellaina Bella Hernandez's Works:

none yet but hopefully real soon. Believe my poems relate to everyone in one way and i would like to share them to the world if possible. Updates

Night Mare!

One night asleep, dreams coming and going
dreams of an old love, then you and me
a dream I wish to never wake up from
where people can't say no to me or you
No one to keep us from eachother
A place only for us to stay
Perfect the dream is, everything i want
is there Especially you!
Deeper into the sweet dream.

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