Ben Jacobson

Rookie (London)

Biography of Ben Jacobson

Ben Jacobson is a London based Poet/Songwriter. Ben Jacobson began to write poetry when he met another Ben, Ben Josephson in Camden town, London. The two quickly became close friends. Ben Josephson introduced Jacobson to another poet, guitarist Joshua Sandburg who had been playing shows in and around the London area for the last 3 years. Ben Josephson asked Jacobson if he wanted to help him write some songs for Sandburg, Jacobson agreed. So the two of them began to write songs together, such songs as Free&Easy, Freedom is just a six-letter word, and also Lost to tradition, popular songs on Joshua Sandburg’s set list. It wasn’t until Ben Josephson decided that he was going to concentrate on writing his own material that the two friends parted ways. Ben Jacobson continues to write songs but is more interested in writing poetry. Jacobson and Josephson are still very good friends and continue to share what they have learned over the years with each other. Ben Josephson has recently started touring in and around the London area, playing acoustic sets at various venues.

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