Ben Matthews

Biography of Ben Matthews

I grew up feeling useless as i grew older my life got more and more complicated I enlisted in the military to serve my country trying to find my place in this cruel world but yet i still havent found my place i started writing when i was in highschool after i had my heart torn from my chest everytime i try and write something happy it turns into darkness my mind is twisted but yet i still smile ive writen alot before i just cant find my work to post on here so ive been going with the flow and trying new things Updates

Walls Of Insanity

It’s a funny thing about memory
How cruel and unusual it is
Tearing at your very existence
Rendering you to your knees you can’t even escape into madness
The madness is so deep that my own laughter reverberates off the walls of insanity
Insanity is the only thing that’s keeping me from the asylum
I am becoming crazy
I am becoming mad
I am becoming insane

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