Ben Matthews

Biography of Ben Matthews

I grew up feeling useless as i grew older my life got more and more complicated I enlisted in the military to serve my country trying to find my place in this cruel world but yet i still havent found my place i started writing when i was in highschool after i had my heart torn from my chest everytime i try and write something happy it turns into darkness my mind is twisted but yet i still smile ive writen alot before i just cant find my work to post on here so ive been going with the flow and trying new things Updates


Once again in the silence of my chambers I drift off into the thoughts of my mind pondering why I must be so miserable Once again I lay apon my pallet alone thinking why must I torture myself My chambers are small but it's so still you can hear a heartbeat slowly growing with sound You can hear dust fall slowly to the ground I have never felt so al

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