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Ben Paynter Poems

201. A Maybe Should Have Future 9/13/2017
202. A Mindfulness Exercise In Which Nothing Is Accomplished 12/11/2017
203. Ambergris 4/24/2018
204. Sometimes We All 9/23/2014
205. On This Old Wood Table 4/23/2014
206. A Red Light 9/20/2013
207. God, This 11/12/2013
208. They Are Saying 11/23/2008
209. It's In The Blood 3/5/2010
210. 5 A.M. 8/8/2009
211. Run River Red With Sunset 8/19/2008
212. When Looking Do Not Look 3/18/2008
213. She Is Always Asking Now 3/18/2008
214. Window Wall 9/13/2007
215. The Will Of A Lover 10/20/2006
216. I Shot A Bird With An Arrow Once 7/13/2006
217. Miles From The Moon 6/28/2006
218. Before Nightfall 7/27/2007
219. The Absurdity 2/7/2010
220. A Study In Gravity 12/23/2009
221. Someone Has Died 4/12/2008
222. (fate) 3/22/2010
223. Grandfather's Advice 6/8/2006
224. And We Watched As The Moon Turned To Stone 9/30/2006
225. Create Me A World 7/6/2006
226. And The Sun Slept On 4/11/2006
227. He Smiled, I 1/4/2007
228. Mother Father, Somedays 3/13/2007
229. And, I Write A Poem 3/6/2007
230. A-Z 4/10/2007
231. We Tried To Paint A Fire In The Snow 12/3/2006
232. A Goodbye 12/21/2007
233. Forgive Her, She Knows Not What She Does 11/4/2008
234. Looking Back, You 3/12/2015
235. I Fought Love, But 3/12/2015
236. A Mockingbird, It Isn'T 9/21/2007
237. Honesty 11/28/2007
238. And All The King's Horses And All The King's Men 7/13/2007
239. A Form Of Looking 9/11/2008
240. A Blueprint Of How It Was 9/19/2006

Comments about Ben Paynter

  • Mark Money Mark Money (9/26/2013 1:02:00 PM)

    at this point, i can only wish to write as well as you do. i'll keep trying, though........

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  • Delilah Miller (4/27/2008 8:19:00 PM)

    I just read through about half of your poems. It's all so enchanting...Lilting and beautiful and honestly sad and sadly honest. Youre's so talented. You're so talented and I'm so envious. Don't you dare ever stop writing,

    X's and O's

  • Goldy Locks (10/18/2007 12:30:00 PM)

    Ben, ben. You inspire. Posh writer, you. Your verses are sublime. Your subjects, divine. Like the epitome of the All-American boy, trying to make it in this biting world. With a little help from his pen, his thoughts. You're endearing. And lovable (whether you like it or not ;) .. I look forward to your postings: each and every one. Keep growing, keep speaking, and above all, keep writing.

    best care
    sjg -~-

Best Poem of Ben Paynter

And Her Face And Her Words And Her Promises

she says that my face
is the last she sees
before sleep takes her,
and she cannot sleep
without it.

but I know that
there are other faces
that float above
her eyes.
and the stars are out
tonight and I
need them to dance.

“have I said too
much” she says with
a halfhearted question
of love.
no, but you have not
kept your promise
and your promise
has not kept

and all the while
the clock spins circles
on the wall
and a dog barks
at the moon.
and her face sits
resting on my

I say ...

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Grandfather's Advice

Maybe had I never lied
And spoken only truths or parts
And in this then deceit had died
Still faith would battle doubting hearts

Maybe had I never loved
And risked my heart in fate’s romance
Or maybe it is just because
Life asked of me a simple chance

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