Ben Sparaco

Ben Sparaco Poems

1. Snake 12/29/2007
2. Feel What You Have Done To Me 12/30/2007
3. Take Me Too 12/30/2007
4. Blvd 28 12/31/2007
5. Stolen Key 12/31/2007
6. Stop 1/1/2008
7. My Heartbeat Through Hell 7/30/2008
8. Forever Thin 11/13/2008
9. Building 11/13/2008
10. Thinning Blood 11/13/2008
11. Meds 11/23/2008
12. My Single Orange Rose 11/27/2008
13. Burnt Dream 12/20/2008
14. Forever Forgotten 12/21/2008
15. Suicide Wasteland 1/15/2009
16. Orange Sunshine 1/16/2009
17. Funeral Roll Call 2/2/2009
18. Sunshine 11/17/2007
19. Surgery 11/27/2007
20. True Poison 3/8/2009
21. A Secret To Remember 3/11/2009
22. Dollhouse 4/20/2009
23. Snake On My Back 12/29/2007
24. The Burn Victim Ode 2/8/2009

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Best Poem of Ben Sparaco

The Burn Victim Ode

I walked past a girl whose face was like a dream,
My friends around me looked up and then began to scream,
Children looked across the street looked at their parents and leaned,
For this girls face was the most terrifying that I have ever seen,
Her face burned in every section
A scar ran across in every direction,
Red lines as if it were an infection,
Doctors couldent help in any selection,
Stapled lines like a track,
Ran across her face and down her back,
Medications piled into a stack,
Hiding her face oh how she did lack,
How much courage it took...

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Snake On My Back

snake on the ground slithers. The plains scream out in fear, it slides onto my back and forces out my red tears. into my thought i can now see how foolishly i used to be. I remember the snake on my back and how i remember i should have fought back. The trees dance in scilence the fire now devoures the plains, the snake told me to forget my name. I

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