Benedict Lestat

Biography of Benedict Lestat

Grown up in a little village in souther Germany, living there with my younger sister until I left school at the age of 18. Graduated with the main subjects English and Art. Pursued several hobbies, including reading all sorts of literature I could get my hands on, climbing, swimming, IT.
Joined the army after school, present rank lieutenant.
Married a lovely japanese lady from Canada whom I met online per chance. One child, little Keiko Lisa Rei, one and a half years old.
Working in germany and flying back and forth to my wife as often as possible.

Benedict Lestat's Works:

None so far, but hopefully I have a lot of years still coming. Updates

The Cup

The pessimist says the cup is half empty.
The optimist says it's half full.
The pragmatist says its liquid contents are at 50% capacity.
The ironist says it's half full of air.
The plumber says the cup must be leaking.
George Carlin says the cup is too big.
The Starbucks employee says it's so you have room for cream.
The conspiracy theorist says aliens took the other half.
The baseball player says his cup is definitely full.

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