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Benjamin Age Poems

1. Dont Look Far Off 5/15/2015
2. For Ruth 5/15/2015
3. Please Let Me Get What I Want 5/16/2015
4. Girl In Hell 5/16/2015
5. My Africa Home 5/16/2015
6. You Laughed And Laughed And Laughed 5/16/2015
7. For Esther 5/16/2015
8. To My Academic Friends 5/16/2015
9. And I Love Her 5/16/2015
10. Death Alone 5/16/2015
11. Under Saturn 5/16/2015
12. Dont Leave Without A Kiss 5/16/2015
13. Men In Chains 5/16/2015
14. Lay Your Life In Mine 5/16/2015
15. There Was A Moment 5/16/2015
16. Water Maiden 5/16/2015
17. I Will Make You Cry 5/16/2015
18. Singing Love 5/16/2015
19. The Prostitute 5/16/2015
20. Everyone Wants Happiness 5/16/2015
21. Epigone 5/17/2015
22. Beautiful Miss (I Miss You) 5/17/2015
23. I Know What Pain Is 5/17/2015
24. We Should Live In Allah's Sight 5/17/2015
25. Please Send Me Someone To Love 5/17/2015
26. Since You Left 5/17/2015
27. Darling When You'Re Close To Me 5/17/2015
28. I Love Thee 5/17/2015
29. Police Is Your Friend 5/17/2015
30. A Song Of Wrong 5/20/2015
31. Parents Are Not Payable 5/20/2015
32. A Spinster At Mass 5/20/2015
33. This Is Your Life 5/24/2015
34. God, Please Give Me A Break 5/24/2015
35. No Problem Said The Patroit 5/24/2015
36. Can I Forget You 5/11/2015
37. Time 5/11/2015
38. I Hid My Love 5/11/2015
39. She Decides To Die 5/14/2015
40. Think About It 5/14/2015

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Best Poem of Benjamin Age

Wonderful Woman

Wonderful woman
I just can't but wonder
How much I've come
to love her.
It is all a marvel
My life in a rubble
Love brings pain in double
Sold mine in the struggle.
A kiss from a sinner
Could change my life for better
Now I am getting older
And I know I am getting better
For your love I have hungered
Give me thy love dear Pandora
You're such a wonderful woman
I still can't but wonder
How much you've made me a sinner.
Wonderful woman
Kiss me and take me to yonder
And yet I still wonder
Your love had made me a better man
Thank ...

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Can I Forget You

When my final page is turned
And sun don't shine no more
When day and night never come to end
And tears no more will I shed
Can I forget you?
Like froths from morning dew
The sunshine of coming noon
The end of every book
Will I think of you?

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