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49. Wonderful Woman 5/14/2015
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Wonderful Woman

Wonderful woman
I just can't but wonder
How much I've come
to love her.
It is all a marvel
My life in a rubble
Love brings pain in double
Sold mine in the struggle.
A kiss from a sinner
Could change my life for better
Now I am getting older
And I know I am getting better
For your love I have hungered
Give me thy love dear Pandora
You're such a wonderful woman
I still can't but wonder
How much you've made me a sinner.
Wonderful woman
Kiss me and take me to yonder
And yet I still wonder
Your love had made me a better man
Thank ...

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Long ago when all was nothing but void
There exists time over untold centuries
Ancestors, beliefs defying normalcy
When from void was born love.
Modern man who sit in ponder to call a myth
With too many religions intending deceit
Love of a perfect God eluding understanding
Time to be born, time to die, time forever lives.

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