Benjamin Feliciano

Rookie (January 2,1991 / Oceanside, CA)

Biography of Benjamin Feliciano

Benjamin is currently 19 years of age. He enjoys photography, reading, writing, graphic design, running, orange juice, music of all genres other than country, foreign films, zombie movies of any quality, and trying to figure out who he is.

With poetry inspired by a slew of the usual outlets (girls, spirituality, and failure) Benjamin claims that his goal in writing poetry is 'to say the things that have already been said in ways they haven't been said'.

Benjamin's greatest desire is that he would be noticed and admired for his poetry one day. Updates

Awaiting Execution

Scorned. That ought to be my name.
Constantly and consistently confused,
By the fact that she reels and rejects,
All within the same day.
My eyes burn like the first time I died,
And my hands shake like the second.
I've resisted as long my heart will allow,
But the days of that are fading fast.
The light in your eyes grows dim.

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