Benjamin Feliciano

Rookie (January 2,1991 / Oceanside, CA)

Benjamin Feliciano Poems

1. Incomplete 1/20/2009
2. The Mind: Imploding 1/20/2009
3. And At The Close Of The Day, No One Cared 1/20/2009
4. The Missing Piece 1/20/2009
5. Guilty As Charged 1/20/2009
6. I'M Finished Now, Next? 1/20/2009
7. Curtain Call 1/20/2009
8. If Morning Is Day Break... 1/20/2009
9. Snooze Button Morning 1/25/2009
10. Under My Eyelids 1/25/2009
11. [2.Fully In Love] Forgot To Say 1/25/2009
12. So Close 1/25/2009
13. Don'T Ask, Don'T Tell 1/25/2009
14. I Know, I Saw 1/29/2009
15. The Current Events 1/30/2009
16. 'Yes Yes' Said The Pessimist 1/30/2009
17. I Am Opaque 1/31/2009
18. Erratum 2/2/2009
19. Alliteration Experimentation 2/7/2009
20. A Clever Play On Words 2/7/2009
21. Her Beautiful Nonchalance 1/20/2009
22. She Won'T Notice 1/20/2009
23. My Guilt Coeternal 1/20/2009
24. The Final Chapter Of An Eposodic Demise 1/20/2009
25. I'M Finished, Never Call Again 1/20/2009
26. Like The Rest 2/16/2009
27. Robbed Of Sleep 2/18/2009
28. The Birth And Death Of An Explosion 2/22/2009
29. This Seems Like A Re-Run... 3/7/2009
30. One O Four 4/14/2009
31. My Mephitic Screech 4/21/2009
32. Paint Splatters 4/21/2009
33. Brave Adonis 5/1/2009
34. The Purpose Of Piety 5/11/2009
35. An Irregular Evening 5/11/2009
36. Duely Noted 8/1/2009
37. Life Is Beautiful 9/15/2009
38. Missing 9/15/2009
39. 794 9/15/2009
40. Some Days... 12/3/2009

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Best Poem of Benjamin Feliciano

Awaiting Execution

Scorned. That ought to be my name.
Constantly and consistently confused,
By the fact that she reels and rejects,
All within the same day.
My eyes burn like the first time I died,
And my hands shake like the second.
I've resisted as long my heart will allow,
But the days of that are fading fast.
The light in your eyes grows dim.
I feel harvested, you took a sickle to my soul,
Then left me bound alone in the empty plains of remorse.
Its like autumn in this love,
And we're losing color and falling.
Divided like a fraction,
Most days we don't even ...

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My Guilt Coeternal

Oh, my vanity has drawn me a new noose.
A fitting reward for the ego driven failure.
Advice drowned out by the disease of self.
Static recollections written in a trance,
Never cease to intertwine with retrospective bouts of self-loathing.
Detesting the past and the paths chosen,
It rings louder each hour and this is my time, my chime.
Worn hands like yellowed newspaper clippings,
Both clench the past as though it could be changed.

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