Berhan Mehari

Biography of Berhan Mehari

I never knew i could write poems but i have always knew that i was describing myself in words that ryme. After 18 years i realized that i could write them down and share them with the world. I never wrote poems to anybody but myself. I felt like people were able to see me through my words and judge me. But then when i came to this site, i saw a bunch of people's heart and mind and i realized that i was in the right place to pour out what ever i have and join the flow to flow into the non stop stream. Updates

Kiss Me More

Kiss me more
Like you never before
Kiss me more and more
Till I
Your late afternoon sunshine
Become a late afternoon sunset
And get disappear
Way beyond the shore
Kiss me now and then
Till I
Your sweet thing
Turn red and forget whom I am
And make me to remember
That I was born
To be a woman.

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