Bernard Alain

Rookie (Bathurst New Brunswick, Canada)

Biography of Bernard Alain

Bernard Alain poet

Bernard Alain was born 1959 in Bathurst New Brunswick of maritime Canada and now permanently resides in the nation's capital of Ottawa, Ontario. After a 20 year absence from the arts Bernard returns to sample the compact and powerful aspect of poetry. Indeed it is his belief that poetry is an emission far beyond grammatical norm and speaks from the heart of an individual. His writings answer to a need that feeds on rich images and an insatiable desire to take readers on a journey through his perceptions. Bernard believes the strength of a poet’s message should dictate the style in which a poem is delivered and as such offers a variety of free verse, prosody and structured rhyme. He believes that poetry belongs to the reader, and this ownership in fact, is the essence of it’s enjoyment. A poem can have many interpretations and is subject to the life context of a reader, not the writer.

Bernard Alain is a member of the World Poets Society

Bernard Alain's Works:

Nights at the Starlite

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