Bernard Franklin

Biography of Bernard Franklin

Joined the Royal Air Force 1975 as an electrical engineer left as a SNCO in 1990. Joined British Aerospace as a Senior Engineer in 1990, retired in 2000. I feel passionately about the subjects on which I write. You will see that my poetry is usually written in the form of short stories. Some are moralistic, some are funny (in a wry sort of way) and some are provocative, they are meant to be! . I hope my poems will help people to have second thoughts about the world they live in and maybe the way in which they live in it.

My first book ' On Second Thoughts' A Millenium Message, was published in 1998 by Paper Doll I am currently working to finish a second book this year.

Bernard Franklin's Works:

'On Second Thoughts' A Millenium Message.
published in 1998 by Paper Doll. Updates


She was the jewel in the monarchy’s rusting old crown,
like a diamond she shone in her new wedding gown.
The people were eager to break from the dreary old past,
little knowing that for Diana the dream wouldn’t last.
She was radiant for a while at the birth of her boys,
her full attention she gave to their games and their toys.

A slimming disease then took a hold of her life,
so the system decided she could no longer be a royal wife.