Bernard O'Dowd

(11 April 1866 – 1 September 1953 / Beaufort)

Bernard O'Dowd Poems

1. The Poet 1/1/2004
2. The Bush 9/1/2014
3. Alma Venus! [excerpt] 9/1/2014
4. Bacchus [excerpt] 9/1/2014
5. A Keynote [extract] 9/1/2014
6. Dominions Of The Boundary 9/1/2014
7. Evensong 9/1/2014
8. Witch Of Our Wilderness 9/1/2014
9. Prosperity 9/1/2014
10. Auster Rampant! 9/1/2014
11. Envy 1/1/2004
12. Sloth (I) & (Ii) 1/1/2004
13. The Cow 1/1/2004
14. True America's Message 1/1/2004
15. May Day 1/1/2004
16. Young Democracy 1/1/2004
17. Our Duty 1/4/2003
18. Proletaria 1/1/2004
19. Last Stanzas Of The Bush 1/1/2004
20. Love's Substitute 1/4/2003
21. Australia 1/1/2004
22. Love And Sacrifice 1/1/2004

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Best Poem of Bernard O'Dowd

Love And Sacrifice

CAN we not consecrate
To man and God above
This volume of our great
Supernal tide of love?

’Twere wrong its wealth to waste
On merely me and you,
In selfish touch and taste,
As other lovers do.

This love is not as theirs:
It came from the Divine,
Whose glory still it wears,
And print of Whose design.

The world is full of woe,
The time is blurred with dust,
Illusions breed and grow,
And eyes’ and flesh’s lust.

The mighty league with Wrong

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True America's Message

OUR manlier spirits hear and will obey
The Word YOU waft Australia o’er the sea—
‘Be true, be brave, be merciful, be free!’
Not you, who, braggart, sent this wan array
Of hell-ships vomiting their Will-to-Slay, 5
These armoured Hates and pallid Envies we,
’Mid rattled mobs and flags hysteric, see
Tarnish the chaste horizon of our Bay:

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