Bernedita Rosinha Pinto Quotes

02 August 2015

Serenity is a closed flower - the petals of which one must open peace by peace.

24 August 2015


11 May 2017

Like the bird, man flies on two wings- one is of thoughts, the other is of feelings. Thoughts must be righteous, feelings must be compassionate the two must be connected by the feathers of conscience.

11 May 2017

The greatness of Truth gets brightened by admittance. Denial of truth is injustice to oneself.

27 July 2017

Dedication is faithfulness. Dedication - a duty! Devotion is worship. Devotion - a religion! Discipline is self-virtue. Discipline- a character!

26 September 2020

Grief is the only wound that never heals, even with time.