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Biography of Bernice Angoh

A Mom, a wife, an author, songwriter, an aspiring photographer, an entrprenuer( and editor-in-chief of Lades' Success Magazine(located at bottom right corner of

Bernice Angoh has been writing since age 10. She Started out writing short stories, illustarting them and sharing with family and friends. Writing has been her source of escape for many years. She is the eldest of five children to a woman she says is arguably the best mother in the world. She has won three editor's choice awards for my poetry in the years 2003,2005 and 2007, been nominated several times for poet of the year and held semi-finalist twice.
Her upcoming book of poetry, Lemonade Street will soon be released(keep you posted) . She enjoys dancing, exercising(Taebo to be precise) , singing and watching great movies. She and her husband, Rick, both run and operate their own business( sponsor of the easter seals charity and Breast Cancer Soceity) They have an adorable little princess called Nina.
Welcome to Lemonade Street!

Bernice Angoh's Works:

Lemonade Street
Love is like Lemonade: Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's sour. Updates

Make Love

I have tasted heaven
In our very own haven
It's the place only you and I have ravished
In tears and kisses, sweet glory.

It's that moment I tasted your sweat
As you fullfiled the passion that
No silk sheet could bear but surrender

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