bernrdo molina

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Biography of bernrdo molina

lets c names bernardo molina im in aurora colorado i do write poems but im not sure if im very good at it well i like to try i go to aurora central high school im in 10th grade i was born in La CALIFORNIA I AM MEXICAN EVEN THO I DNT LOOK IT BUT HAHA OH WELL

bernrdo molina's Works:


This Blank Feeling

A Blank Feeling
The sun doesn’t shine the moon doesn’t put
Me to sleep air doesn’t help me breathe tears
Bleed from my veins blood drips from my eyes sometimes
I want to cry till it hurts I feel more hate then love
So many people around me and yet I feel alone
I was flying but I finally hit the floor got up and walked
But had nowhere to go I have no one to go to
My trust my hope left me here to wither away I’m mad

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