Berta Vieira

Biography of Berta Vieira

I write poetry to express feeling, emotions that I feel or to verbalize a dream I have had.

Some of my poetry was written to express what I sometimes see through others eyes. An example of this is my poem 'Dancing Trees'. I have a young friend who is very dear to me who has Autism. While on one of our walks, we stopped and sat listening to the wind blow through the trees. I watched him completely mesmerized by the trees movement. I wondered what he was thinking, what he saw through his very creative mind.His eyes sparkling as he smiled up at the trees dancing in the wind. Thus the inspiration for this poem.

I have never studied poetry, never learned how to properly write poetry, my poetry comes from the heart in what ever form it appears. Updates

Stormy Sea

My soul travels on a boat
through the stormy sea
My mind envelopes thoughts of you and me.

I stand alone on a boat
on the stormy sea
I quiver as the waves cast their vengence on me.

I try desperately to stay afloat

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