Bessie S. Burkett

(Fairfield, IL, USA)

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  • Uche Ekeh (7/26/2003 7:48:00 PM)

    I went thru the web site and i came across your mail, any way, i love to write, i don't know if you need help in inspiration, that is to say, i'll love to inspire you to write, i can't write or will i say i have never written, so i would love to work with you.

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Prayer From The Heart

Father! May, I drop down at set of sun
And recount every task that I have done
Did I do anything that I can trace
Bring one single smile to one single face
Was my deed self-denying? Was my glance most kind?
Did it fall like sunshine that strengthens the blind?
If it did - this deed - though small - with it - I'm content
I may count that day special - a day - Blessed - well-spent
Did I cheer one heart by "yea" or "nay" of my brother - my sister