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If I Was President

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If I was President
The first thing I would do
is call Mumia Abu-Jamal.
if I was president
the first thing I would do
is call Leonard Peltier.
if I was president
the first person I would call
is that rascal
John Trudell.
the first person I'd call
is that other rascal
Dennis Banks.
I would also call
Alice Walker.
I would make a conference call.
And I would say this:
Yo, you troublemakers,
it is time to let all of us
out of prison.
Pack up your things:
Dennis and John,
collect Alice Walker
If you can find her:
In Mendocino, Molokai, Mexico or
& head out to the prisons
where Mumia and Leonard
are waiting for you.
They will be traveling
Mumia used to own a lot
of papers
but they took most of those
away from him.
will probably want to drag along
some of his
who may well be
in New Delhi
will no doubt want to
dress up for the occasion
in a sparkly shalwar kemeez.
My next call is going to be
to the Cubans
all five of them;
so stop worrying.
For now, you're my fish.
I just had this long letter
from Alice and she has begged me
to put an end
to her suffering.
What? she said.
You think these men are the only ones who suffer
when Old Style America locks them up
& throws away
the key?
I can't tell you, she goes on,
the changes
this viciousness
has put me through,
and I have had a child to raise
& classes to teach
& food to buy
and just because
I'm a poet
it doesn't mean
I don't have to
pay the mortgage
or the rent.
Yet all these years,
nearly thirty or something
of them
I have been running around
the country
and the world
trying to arouse justice
for these men.
hasn't stopped me.
hasn't stopped me.
Lyme disease
hasn't stopped me.
And why?
knowing the country
that I'm in,
as you are destined to learn
it too,
I know wrong
when I see it.
If that chair you're sitting in
could speak
you would have it moved
to another room.
You would burn it.
So, amigos,
pack your things.
Alice and John and Dennis
are on their way.
They are bringing prayers from Nilak Butler and Bill Wapepah;
they are bringing sweet grass and white sage
from Pine Ridge.
I am the president
at least until the Corporations
purchase the next election,
and this is what I choose
to do
on my first day.
Sylvia Frances Chan 14 February 2019
Dear Alice, at present you cannot be shopping anymore in NEW DELHI, India because of the pollution up there. Breathing will be a problem for you. Thank you so much for this most valuable poem I ever read and accidentally on Valentine's Day. A very Happy Valentine's Day for you, dear Alice. God's Blessing be always with you! SFC.
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Beautiful revolutionary thought from Alice Walker
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Bernard F. Asuncion 03 February 2019
A marvelous poem by Alice Walker.....
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Butch Decatoria 03 February 2019
Snaps! I dig it. And I were president... I would open all the borders and let the world in...
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Glen Kappy 03 February 2019
i find this poem, in the style of slam poetry and reminiscent for me of some of ferlinghetti'w work, entertaining and, sadly, still so true of contemporary america though it was written years ago. -gk
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kiolgsn 03 February 2019
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Tom Allport 03 February 2019
A thoughtful write of what the US might be like with a different kind of light instead of those that of create blight?
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Adrian Flett 03 February 2019
On my first day I'd fire Trump, glad I'm not an American..
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Mahtab Bangalee 03 February 2019
excellent poem // but If I were a president I would do as usual.........................! ////
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Edward Kofi Louis 03 February 2019
Out Of Prison! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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