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Knoxville Tennessee

Rating: 3.3

I always like summer
you can eat fresh corn
From daddy's garden
And okra
And greens
And cabbage
And lots of
And buttermilk

And homemade ice-cream
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Grace Moneymaker 28 December 2014

Listen, sweetie, I live in Knoxville myself and it's not that perfect. I'd rather be in California with my father, who was born there. But, he made a huge mistake and moved to Tennessee. Now he's stuck here and I'm trying to get my family out of this place full of dumb drunks, idiots who think the black smoke coming out of the back of their truck is cool and attractive, and stupid people with that crappy Southern accent. I am a poet, author and an artist and I am desperately trying to get a writing career and hopefully an acting career. And who doesn't love beaches and Leonardo DiCaprio? Obviously you don't. What a waste of talent. Anybody who's anybody loves Cali.

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Meredith . 12 September 2015

If you're such an artist, why are you so narrow minded? Learn to respect diversity.

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Chedder Cheese 07 October 2015

You are a pineapple you little zebra.

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Jimmy Mcmillan 07 October 2015

just because you don't like it dose not mean your right, you are probably just a snotty little teenage girl who knows nothing about where she lives

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Anonymous 10 February 2021

This poem was amazing! I loved it!

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jayson 08 February 2021

because i dont love you no more

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jayson 22 January 2018

it was a very good poem dude man

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Your ex 05 January 2021


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Upendra Upm 16 November 2017

very good as I like eating raw okra, loves smell of tomato leaf, can eat onion, cucumber.

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Rajnish Manga 03 December 2016

Summers are a blissful season offering so many wonderful things to do all day. Thanks, Nikki. Not only when you go to bed And sleep

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