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Attention Please! Attention Please!

Rating: 3.1

'Attention please! Attention please!
Don't dare to talk! Don't dare to sneeze!
Don't doze or daydream! Stay awake!
Your health, your very life's at stake!
Ho–ho, you say, they can't mean me.
Ha–ha, we answer, wait and see.

Did any of you ever meet
A child called Goldie Pinklesweet?
Who on her seventh birthday went

To stay with Granny down in Kent.
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Elena Sandu 23 April 2010

Frightening! But the descriptions are in such a funny way that I cannot stop a big big smile even if times and times my heart was crying. Great lesson, though if too much time to spend at ladies room it has to be, let's hope for some of the new japanese toilets..try one and you'll see..(*_*)

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Jann Rau 24 April 2012

A great poem light hearted but a very good message. Roald Dahl is the master of rhyme.

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Edward Munro- Martin 17 March 2012

the best poem in the history of forever

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Onyeme John 15 October 2012

I love this poem. Quite funny with an eloquent message to my pupils who are meddlesome

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AriOMG 07 July 2021

Cool poem.....im a big fan of Roald Dahl so I will definitely like this!

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Vsbshshshshs 05 May 2021

There are no words given translation yet its hard fir me to go to google agaij and again and find the meanings again and again

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smirithi 21 December 2020

wow cool poem iiiiiiiii lllooovvveee iiittt

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AriOMG 07 July 2021

Yes mee tooooo

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joes famous soda 14 January 2020

booooiiiiii so inamrot er it

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dfgfgjulvc 06 January 2020

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