Beth Rhodes

Rookie (October 13,1994-not dead yet. / Conway)

Biography of Beth Rhodes

Beth Rhodes poet

i am Beth, and i am 14 years old. i love to write poetry. i know that my poetry isn't all that great but i still love to do it. when i grow up i want to be a veteranarian...i love animals. i love this boy named Jacob...the hardest thing about loving him so much, is that he plays me...he tells me he loves me, but then the next day he tells me different. i don't know what to do. instead of doing stupid stuff like cutting or burning myself, this is my way of relief. [and music]

Beth Rhodes's Works:

i don't have any published books. Updates


Alone is such an ugly word,
the emotion that it evokes,
the depression is provokes,
Alone is such an ugly feeling,
A dimension of fear...of dread,
my constillation does not exist,
and a thought of such are dead,
where it's impossible to cope,
here...who all tread this plane,
do so without the thought of hope.

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