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  • Al G (1/24/2016 1:12:00 PM)

    Betim Muco just passed away on January 15th (2016) and the sad news of his passing led me to this site. I have read him in Albanian, where his true talent unfolds in full colors. Such is the verse; it doesn't have the fate of music that crosses borders without the need of translation. Nonetheless, a careful read in English will also show the great mind and talent behind them.

    Personally, I know him as a novelist. Upon reading his novel EQUINOXES (1990) I came to find a true voice of his generation (the generation of socialist system in Albania and of what became of the country after its collapse) , the skilled writer who knows how to dissect and examine the reality he is part of, the people who live and breath, who love and hurt, who - after all - find meaning in the grand scale even in the most restricted circumstances.

    Read Betim Muco; you will find a writer and poet of the daily human experience, of your experience, that, howeve, is done with such a taste, skill and simplicity that you would want to return to his writing again and again.

    Farewell good man!

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Have you asked yourself
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In your short travel of life
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As a long-suffering Sisyphus
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