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  • Al G (1/24/2016 1:12:00 PM)

    Betim Muco just passed away on January 15th (2016) and the sad news of his passing led me to this site. I have read him in Albanian, where his true talent unfolds in full colors. Such is the verse; it doesn't have the fate of music that crosses borders without the need of translation. Nonetheless, a careful read in English will also show the great mind and talent behind them.

    Personally, I know him as a novelist. Upon reading his novel EQUINOXES (1990) I came to find a true voice of his generation (the generation of socialist system in Albania and of what became of the country after its collapse) , the skilled writer who knows how to dissect and examine the reality he is part of, the people who live and breath, who love and hurt, who - after all - find meaning in the grand scale even in the most restricted circumstances.

    Read Betim Muco; you will find a writer and poet of the daily human experience, of your experience, that, howeve, is done with such a taste, skill and simplicity that you would want to return to his writing again and again.

    Farewell good man!

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If on this planet
The secret of life had never been born
If evolution hadn't yielded humanity
If the Trojans had refused to accept
The gift of Greeks
And Brutus hadn't joined the conspiracy
To kill Caesar
If Pilate hadn't condemned Christ
And Henry the Eighth wasn't taken with Ann Boleyn

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