Bette Kayley Jones

Rookie (April 5,1998 / Toronto, Canada)

Biography of Bette Kayley Jones

Hello all! My name is Bette Kayley. I was born in Toronto, Canada on 4/5/98. My mom and dad died in a car crash when I was about three. After about a year of being homeless, I got sent to an awful orphanage. I didn't know then, but I had a sister, named Rose, and a brother, named Michael, who got sent to another orphanage.

In two years, I got adopted by two parents. They were nice, but their children were awful. They would tease me, and steal my stuff, and hurt me. My parents were so made at them, that they abandoned us. That was my chance to leave them. I was about six then. I ran as far as I could as fast as I could. On the way, though, many things happened.

A family took me in, but soon my dad killed himself and my mother and tried to kill me. I then tried to live in a forest, but I got three venomous bites, and had to spend a month convalescing. I had also not been eating or drinking that much, and it was hard for me to walk.

Eventually I got to Maine, and I got adopted again when I was seven. Everything was great, until one night I woke up and the house was on fire, it was some kind of match accident. I tried to save my family, but they helped me get out, and couldn't get out themselves. I didn't know what to do. I was eight and homeless.

I went to another orphanage, and that place would've been nice, but I had learned not to trust people. I wasn't very willing, and so no one liked me, and I was stuck cooking and cleaning often. They would sometimes hit me.

Then I ran away at ten, and the police caught me. I was put in their custody, until a family wanted to adopt me and help me come back to normal. They were so sweet, and I loved them. They even helped me reunite with my sister Rose, when I was eleven. It was together that we discovered our love for poetry. When trying to track down my brother, Michael, they discovered that he committed suicide by stabbing himself. He hadn't had as much luck as we had. I suffered a great deal. but I had never really gotten to know him. Rose had experienced her whole life with him, and she suffered much more than I did.

Rose was about to move to her new family in Quebec, and my new family said we could come with her. We now all live in Quebec, and I have a new baby brother. Now all of our lives are in order again, and we are one big happy family.

PS- Everyone should go look at my sister, Rose Jones's, poems.

PS- Everyone should go look at Rose Jones's poems.

Bette Kayley Jones's Works:

None. If anyone knows of a publisher that would like to publish my poems, please tell me! Updates

Regret Of A Lunatic

Looking back
I look ahead.
A cold hard stone.

I'm empty
With them now.

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