Betty Bleen

Rookie (Wheeling, WV)

Biography of Betty Bleen

Married,4 children/5 grandchildren. Love writing poetry, acting in local plays, ballroom dancing, reading, embroidery and walking. I have 1 cat, Mittens. Employed as Operations Assistant, Volunteers of America Greater Ohio, Veterans Resource Center. Website:

Betty Bleen's Works:

Bad Red Shoes, AuthorHouse Updates

Breakfast Is Served

Toasted English muffins spread with peanut butter and grape jelly,
a simple meal, it is all I have to offer.
I pour you the last few ounces of orange juice, knowing as I do
that you prefer to drink your fruit,
while I relish the taste and texture of a ripened orange.
The coffee is served black; I haven’t made it to the store for cream.
You smile nonetheless, the lines crinkling around your eyes,
and you tell me the meal is deliziosi!
I know you would have preferred better, but you a

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