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So many people wonder about religion and how it works, religion is full of rules and regulations, a personal relationship with God's only Son is what we need to know about, without that we have nothing and we are separated from God. Jesus came to save sinners, we are all sinners, just one good thing about a sinner they can be forgiven, and Jesus Christ is the only way.

We can try to depend on religion, but it won't the Bible in Matthew 21 is a good start and see how religion got Jesus upset and how he tried to tell the pharisees how they worship Him with their lips but their hearts we're far from Him.

To whom will the Lord Look?

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 34: 18

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I have found out over the years that God is all we need to live in this life time and His ways in our life will change us and all others that are around us. We can focus on bringing Him the Glory He deserves and it seems like things change inside us..We let the old self fall away and the new self take over.

It gets so hard at times, but we all need to remember this place on earth is not our home, Jesus prepared the way and all we have to do is find that narrow road that is hardly traveled, and take it. It's so exciting to take this road, God really gives us His all when we are for Him. I know He is for us, because He sacrificed His only Son for us to be with Him in Heaven.

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Then I See You Coming!

Then I see You coming!

Just close your eyes
Imagine the deep blue sky,

All the questions turn out to be why's?

Then I see You coming
Deep in my heart Your love folds around me each day my time starts.

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