Bhaben Barua

(27 November 1941 - / Jhaji, Assam / India)

Biography of Bhaben Barua

Bhaben Barua is a poet and a critic. He served as a faculty member of Guwahati University. He edited The Assam Quarterly, The Assam Academic Review and The Research Journal of Guwahati University. He received the Sahitya Akademi award (1979) for Sonali Jahaj, a poetry-collection.

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The Words

Each word is an angel. Have to
Find each one in that smoky solitude — where
An evening drowns in the water — And above the
Dark forest suddenly is visible the glimmer of a star-studded sky — flapping
Its wings flies the bird of the night...

Each one has its individual personality, each one has secret goals. Have to
Find each one in an immobility inside the tremor
Where time stops in secrecy, and the meaningless mass of things

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