Bharati Nayak

Biography of Bharati Nayak

Born in the year 1962, I hail from Odisha, an eastern state of India.I always consider myself wannabe poet, though I have already published two poetry collections - one in my native language Odia and the other one in English.I am not a student of literature, but writing is my hobby and passion.I was a regular contributor to my school magazines.I sincerely believe that pen is mightier than the sword.When I browse through poems I very often want to read the Biography of the poet.The biography, the background of the poet gives insight to understand his/her poem.The factors like gender, religion, schooling, family history, education and his culture etc get reflected in his writings.When I do not find a Bio in the Poet; s page, I get disappointed.On Poem Hunter many are writing in their pen name or pseudo names for various reasons.It poses difficulty for the reader to understand his writings.Like I wanted to read Bio of other poets, Other readers may also like to read my Bio.So I decided to submit on this page.
I am married and have 3 children.I have a Masters degree in Political Science from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. My schooldays were spent in Cuttack, my parental home.
Poem Hunter has brought me closer to many kind and learned people around the world.I will always remain grateful to this amazing site and all friends across globe.
I truly feel myself a global citizen.Thanks to all readers, friends and commentators for your kind support in my poetic journey.

Bharati Nayak's Works:

1) Padma Paada- meaning Lotus Feet - a collection of devotional poems in native Odia language
2) Words Are Such Perfect Traitors- A collection of English poems published in 2016
3-A Day For Myself- -a collection of English poems published in 2018.


Towards you as I walk on
To get nearer
you go farther

You are an illusion
You are infinitely stretching points
Where sky meets earth
And the duet they dance

You are the point Where blue mist of sky
And lovely green of earth
Mingle and merry
So close and yet so distant.

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