Bharati Nayak

Bharati Nayak Poems

121. Devi (Goddess) 5/9/2017
122. Poetry Writes, Poetry Reads, Poetry Lives 11/3/2016
123. Your Coming 8/8/2015
124. A Day For Myself 2/11/2017
125. Parrot 11/22/2015
126. Words Are Such Perfect Traitors 3/26/2016
127. Shall I Wait Till I Understand Pablo Neruda 3/27/2015
128. I 2/16/2016
129. A Music Is Made 11/1/2016
130. Searching For A Name 3/23/2015
131. I Speak Not 3/2/2015
Best Poem of Bharati Nayak

I Speak Not

I speak not
As I feel
Speaking is not essential
Silence speaks for itself
Even eyes speak
Speak thousand words my quivering lips
Unsaid words travel million miles
Sun speaks
Moon speaks
Speaks the thunderstorm
When hearts meet
Mouth says no words
Only the closeness knows
How louder is the heart
When it beats
Beating the loudness of sea-roars.

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The Tree

The tree stands green
Under the scorching sun
Branches spread wide
Roots going deep
Thousands and thousands leaves
Swaying their little heads
Colourful flowers bloom
For the bees and butterflies they make room
Squirrels jump dance

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