Bhaswat Chakraborty

Bhaswat Chakraborty Poems

1. Succinct 4/16/2009
2. The Dance 4/14/2009
3. Access To Hearts 4/15/2009
4. On The Thirty Sixth Day Of The Month 4/11/2009
5. Journey’s End 4/7/2009
6. Life And Non-Life Aggregates 4/7/2009
7. Liberation 4/7/2009
8. Accept This Tagar (A Small White Flower) 4/16/2009
9. Being The Self 4/8/2009
10. Awareness 4/7/2009
11. A Moment Of Rapture 4/18/2009
12. Your Grace 5/15/2009
13. Prayer 2 9/14/2009
14. Pilgrimage 5/15/2009
15. Your Birthday 4/7/2009
16. Rise, Rise To The Occasion 4/8/2009
17. Life After Life 9/14/2009
18. The Seeker 5/17/2009
19. Prayer 1 5/20/2009
20. Silence Of Rumi 4/11/2009
21. Love 5/20/2009
22. Sound Of Your Footsteps 8/13/2009
23. The Rain 5/19/2009
24. Thebans! Form Of Life Is Deathless (Έ ν α ς σ ε β α σ μ ό ς σ τ ο Socrates) 6/19/2009
25. Where Are You, My Son 8/7/2009
26. Earth 9/14/2009
27. Horizons 8/21/2009
28. Form And Formless 5/29/2009
29. Your Face: A Galactic Window Of Happiness 6/15/2009
30. Oh Load-Bearers Of Humanity 6/20/2009
31. Fire 5/18/2009
32. Your Song 7/24/2009
33. Beauty And Truth 5/20/2009
34. A Friend From Far 5/30/2009
35. Moonlight 6/6/2009
36. The Naked Child 7/15/2009
37. Petals 6/18/2009
38. Mother 6/29/2009

Comments about Bhaswat Chakraborty

  • Pitilosi Mdala (9/18/2009 2:55:00 AM)

    Beauty and Truth nice poem

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  • Pitilosi Mdala (9/18/2009 2:50:00 AM)

    I see, I hear, I intend, I extend.that's it

  • Willoh Theresa (6/9/2009 3:15:00 AM)

    A friend from afar, wow. A friend from afar is always the one you love most; as they say 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. Well done, Willoh.

Best Poem of Bhaswat Chakraborty


Of all human manifestations
May I say, you are the greatest
As you give milk, food and protection
What to say of love, peace and rest!

You are the womb of the universe
The waterbed of beings
You are the lap of heavens
And mother of all earthlings

You were the sweet lullaby
When I needed some sleep
You became the inspiration tall
When I had to dive very deep

From the foes you saved me
Allowed friends to be close
You took the prick of the thorn
And handed me the rose

You burnt your fingers so often
To cook a meal for your ...

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Journey’s End

This is where the journey ends
And therefore, we can call it home
All the knowledge of navigation
Finds a rest here
And therefore, we can call it home

This is where we get a bit of affection
A smile, even a touch and hug
This is where the things are simple

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